Game #7 2018, April 7. Giants vs Dodgers (It appears this is not 2017.)

After Friday’s night’s game and fireworks were rained out (only the sixth time  game has been rained out in the history of the team), I was super excited about finally making it to the ballpark and seeing Saturday’s game. Unfortunately, after my Friday night flight back to San Francisco was cancelled (due to the same rain that stopped the ballgame), I managed to miss my flight back on Saturday morning, Fortunately, inflight wi-fi meant I could listen to it on during the flight. Then the KNBR broadcast got me through luggage retrieval and the taxi ride home. What I didn’t expect was that the game would keep going and going (and going) for so long that I also got an hour of relaxing on the sofa enjoying the closing stages. And they are what take up most of today’s 100-words-or-less game report:

After nine innings of entertaining baseball,  the score was 4-4. It went to extra innings. Five of them.

At the top of the 14th, Puig hit a home run. Giants fans begin to whimper at memories of 2017. Then this happened….

With runners on first and third, McCutcheon came to the plate. He took a curveball strike. Then a ball. Then swung at a fastball. Seven fouls and another ball later, he had. Wilmer Font’s repertoire etched into his brain. He connected with the next pitch. The ball sailed over the fence.

Let the McClutcheon memes begin…

Final score: Giants 7, Dodgers 5.

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