Game #8 2018, April 8. Giants vs Dodgers (Still not 2017, despite the final score)

Finally, after three misses, I made it to the ballpark for a game! Which means that this entry is accompanied by a couple of bad photos.  Like this one of the players lined up being all national-anthemy:


And this one of the super exciting Giants-Dodgers rivalry giveaway pin:


And it was a satisfying game right up until the 10th inning. Here’s your 100-words-or-less game report:

This was another classic Giants-Dodgers duel. It was evenly balanced at 0-0 until the top of the 4th. Then the Dodgers scored off a Kemp line drive. They clung to that one run lead until the Giants saw their Kemp and raised them a Buster. Posey’s line drive put a run on the board for the home team. At the bottom of the 9th, the score was still 1-1. Fans girded themselves for extra innings. We were trained and ready from the night before. Alas – only one more inning was needed. The Dodgers scored off a Farmer line drive. Ouch.

Final Score: Giants 1, Dodgers 2


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