Game #1, 2018, Mar 29: Giants vs Dodgers (A jolly good start to the season)

Today’s game was watched surreptitiously on MLB’s Game Day app between work meetings. Two air-punches were successfully turned into arm stretches without anyone seeming to notice. Here’s your 100-word or less game report:

Facing their long-time nemeses in the opening game of the season, THE GIANTS WON (this is the only piece of this game report you really need to read). Ty Blach pitched much better than his stats say he should. He does that against the Dodgers. Joe Panik hit a solo home run. The rest of the Giant’s offence made Clayton Kershaw look vincible. The bullpen didn’t suck and didn’t give up any runs. Hunter Strickland successfully closed and didn’t threaten to punch anyone.  An excellent start to the season.

Final Score: Giants 1, Dodgers 0

The happy news from my phone, received with joy between meetings.



First, a little context

I suddenly realized that a little context may be helpful for future readers of this blog (just in case anyone ever reads it and is interested enough to wonder why things are as they are).

The purpose of this blog is not to repeat the news of the mainstream sports media. Its focus will be on some of the lesser known aspects of Giants baseball, baseball in general, history of baseball, people who like baseball, food to eat while watching baseball, baseball clothing, baseball swag, baseball-shaped clouds, and the relationship of squirrels to baseball.

However, I don’t want to minimize the importance of the actual games, so I will be writing a game report for every game of the 2018 season — in less than 100 words.

So if you want more detailed game stats, visit

And if you want to read more in-depth game reports, I enjoy the writing over at the McCovey Chronicles or The Bleacher Report.

Less than a week to go…

I discovered baseball in 2013. And since then, the way I perceive calendar time has changed. Once up a time, I used to think of the year being divided into months. Or occasionally seasons. Now my year has two distinct chunks — Baseball Season and Not-Baseball Season.

There’s a strange nebulous netherworld between Baseball Season and Not-Baseball Season known as Spring Training. It’s the time during which fans start to transition from Baseball Season to Not-Baseball Season. In 2018, for this Giants fan, that means:

  • Searching Amazon every day to see if they yet sell that memory-erasing device from Men In Black to excise last year’s season from my brain.
  • Convincing myself that every good Giants performance in Spring Training is a sign of things to come, and every bad performance is simply part of the continuous improvement process that is Spring Training.
  • Refusing to commit to any travel in October so I can be around for the post-season games that we’ll definitely be in this year.
  • Dusting and polishing my Buster Posey Bobblehead collection (okay, I actually do this one all year round).
  • Dusting, polishing and looking mournfully at my Matt Duffy bobblehead.

In between that, I’ll update this site with some quick educational pieces for newcomers to the world of non-expert baseball, and some predictions for the year to come.

Come back soon!

Did you know Spring Training has been around since the 1890s! Read about its history here.

This empty baseball field is like the vacant space in my heart throughout Not-Baseball Season.