Game #8 2018, April 8. Giants vs Dodgers (Still not 2017, despite the final score)

Finally, after three misses, I made it to the ballpark for a game! Which means that this entry is accompanied by a couple of bad photos.  Like this one of the players lined up being all national-anthemy:


And this one of the super exciting Giants-Dodgers rivalry giveaway pin:


And it was a satisfying game right up until the 10th inning. Here’s your 100-words-or-less game report:

This was another classic Giants-Dodgers duel. It was evenly balanced at 0-0 until the top of the 4th. Then the Dodgers scored off a Kemp line drive. They clung to that one run lead until the Giants saw their Kemp and raised them a Buster. Posey’s line drive put a run on the board for the home team. At the bottom of the 9th, the score was still 1-1. Fans girded themselves for extra innings. We were trained and ready from the night before. Alas – only one more inning was needed. The Dodgers scored off a Farmer line drive. Ouch.

Final Score: Giants 1, Dodgers 2


Game #4, 2018, April 1: Giants vs Dodgers (only 159 games left in the season)

It’s April Fool’s day. I spent the first 15 minutes after tonight’s game kind of hoping ESPN would flash up a big “April Fool!” sign. The commentary team would laugh uproariously and confess that we’d all just watched a completely made up game, staged by a bunch of Giants and Dodgers lookalikes. They’d explain that the real game had happened earlier in the day. The Giants won 1-0. Joe Panik scored a home run. Christ Stratton pitched seven scoreless innings. The bullpen didn’t let in any runs. Hunter Strickland closed it out. That didn’t happen. So here is your kind of depressing 100 words or less game report:

First, Chris Stratton pitched three scoreless innings. Then he nearly hit Kyle Farmer with a pitch. So he tried again, and successfully hit him with a pitch. That seemed to rile up the Dodgers. They scored one run in the 4th as a warm-up. Then scored four in the 6th. Then added another four (that they really didn’t need) in the 8th. Tch! Meanwhile, the Giants stranded six men on base. Their bullpen sucked and gave up six runs. Yikes!

It wasn’t all bad though. Buster hit a double in the 6th. Then he stole third. Yay Buster.

Final score: Giants 0, Dodgers 9