Game #6 2018, April 4: Giants vs Seattle Mariners. (Hope flies back like a home run over center field)

Once again, I had tickets to attend the game. Once again, workload triumphed and the game turned out to be a KNBR background distraction. And what a happy distraction this one was! Here, with pleasure, is your 100-words-or-less game report:

Cueto pitches. Great hair. Great shimmy. No sign of blisters. He only gives up one run. And also this happened:

First run walked in. Second run scored on a wild pitch. Can this game get any better? Third run scored on a Crawford sacrifice fly. Then…. Hernandez homers! Belt homers! Sandoval homers (three runs score)! Crawford homers!  Belt’s single so Hundley scores feels like an anticlimax. The bullpen didn’t suck and didn’t give up any runs.

Giants score as many home runs in this game as they did in entire 2018 season (please don’t fact check this).

Final score: Giants 10, Mariners 1.

Game #2, 2018, Mar 30: Giants vs Dodgers (the jolly good start to the season continues)

Well, tonight’s 100-words or less game report may be the easiest I’ll ever write. In fact, I’ve just copied and pasted yesterday’s and made a couple of edits:

Facing their long-time nemeses in the opening second game of the season, THE GIANTS WON (this is the only piece of this game report you really need to read). Ty Blach Johnny Cueto pitched much better than his stats say he should what looked for a while like it was going to be a perfect game, until it wasn’t. He does that against the Dodgers. Joe Panik hit a solo home run. The rest of the Giant’s offence made Clayton Kershaw Kenley Jansen look vincible. The bullpen didn’t suck and didn’t give up any runs. Hunter Strickland successfully closed and didn’t threaten to punch anyone.  An excellent start to the season.

Final score: Giants 1, Dodgers 0.

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